Steps to Disable Roku for All Roku Players

Roku is a device which helps you watch a video, movies, play games, surf images from the smaller screen to the bigger one. You can see anything through the internet to your smartTV with the help of Roku device. You can access many other applications like YouTube, Voot, Netflix, and Hotstar. Roku comes with its remotes which have a power on and off a tab on it, which help you to turn off and on your television.

After you plug in Roku gadget, you have to click the Home button and then Ok tab on the Roku remote to view all of its new function. If you don’t want to watch Roku that time, it has an option of disabling it on the remote.

How to Disable Roku?

There are many steps of disabling Roku from your television. Here’s how:

  • AC Power Disable Option.

The easiest way to disable Roku is to switch off the power button, as of AC channel that you are recently using. In case the power plug of Roku will be in Power bit you can disable it by not removing the plug from the switch. Your Roku device plug is in the Power bit, to a particular channel power will get cut. In case your Roku device is plug-in into a smart dock, then you have to use Mobile phones, Google Mini Home, OR Alexa to disabling it.

  • The USB Power Disable Option.

In case you are using a Roku device which is connected to the USB port, and if a USB dock on your television to start it, disabling the television, it will offer power to the USB dock, disabling the Roku.

What Are the Reasons for Not Disabling Roku Device?

When you want to use Roku device on your television again, the option will appear when you turn it on again which says you have to reboot your Roku again, by not completing the process of rebooting this will not allow you to access the Roku feature.

After rebooting it you can enjoy many applications like Voot, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, etc., but you have to give your details first like username and protected password for using each application before you go through their apps.

If you put your Roku device on a sleep mode conserve all your details and itself turn on all the downloading and installing process. You don’t have to sign up whenever you turn it on to enjoy their services, only press on the application given in the menu list of Roku.

Why You Have to Disable Your Roku?

In case you have a Roku device and you want to use it on some other televisions, then you have to unpair it from the television first and turn it on after that again connect to another device in the same area, If you want to take it outside your home when you are travelling somewhere else, then you have to sign up there and again go through the reboot process.

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