Some Best Free PDF Editors

Utilise these free of cost PDF editors and make some changes to PDF files. It is challenging to search for a PDF editor that allows you to add and edit the texts. Users can even change images, include some graphics, sign names, fill up the forms and much more. Go below and see the list given below for more information. These are some online PDF editors that would work in the web browser. Directly upload PDF file to the site, make some changes and then save it.

It is the fastest way but makes sure that an online editor doesn’t have that much feature as the desktop is having. The file is also exposed to the Internet. All of the free editors don’t support similar features. The same PDF can be processed in further tools.

Switching the Formats

When you do not want to change PDF but just want to change it to some other formats then check out some free converter of documents online.


  1. It is a very famous free of cost image “viewer and editor”.
  2. It even incorporates PDF editing purposes.
  3. Maximum of the PDF editors deliver relief only in the settled versions.
  4. Inkscape is a competent image editing program.
  5. But if you haven’t used software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP etc. then you may witness it as advance.
  6. Take help of PDF if you need to delete and edit images in PDF only.
  7. Take help of a different tool for editing forms of PDF.

Sejda PDF Editor

  1. It is among those PDF editors that allows you to edit the pre-existing text in PDF.
  2. It won’t even add any watermark.
  3. Most of the editors would let you edit text on your own.
  4. Users can run this tool in browser only.
  5. You don’t have to download any program to keep going.
  6. Try to get the desktop version.
  7. Individual differences are there between desktop and online versions.
  8. Desktop edition gives preference to more font types.
  9. You can’t add PDFs by the URL or through online storage services.
  10. One Web integration tool allows PDF publishers a link for users.
  11. Users can just click to open the file automatically.
  12. Files would be deleted from Sejda after 5 hours.

PDFescape Online PDF Editor

  1. It has several features.
  2. It is totally free till you exceed 100pages.
  3. Don’t exceed 10 MB if you want to enjoy the free service.
  4. Users won’t be able to change the text or edit images with the editor.
  5. Just add some text of your own along with some connections, images etc.
  6. The “text tool” is really customizable.
  7. You can select your colour, alignment and font type like underlining, italics and bolding etc.
  8. Users can even draw on sticky notes, strikethrough text etc.
  9. You can also put white space, insert some lines, arrows, checkmarks etc.
  10. With the help of PDFescape, you can delete individual pages from PDF; you can rotate them, crop them and much more.
  11. Just upload the file, organise pages order again, and add more of the pages from other PDFs.

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

  1. It is the fastest way of adding text, images and shape.
  2. Through this website, you can upload PDF; you can make changes to them, and save them again to the system.
  3. You do not have to create a user account for doing this.
  4. Users can just open and save PDF to Dropbox, Google Drive account and system.
  5. Three shapes can be imported to PDF by using Smallpdf- a circle, arrow or square.
  6. Size of text can be normal, small, large etc.
  7. You can even change the colour of texts.
  8. Tap Apply when you are done with PDF editing. 

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