Microsoft Office is a user-friendly suite and is not as complicated as some may consider it to be. It is one of the most famous and highly used work programs. From personal use to business or professional use, Microsoft Office is always the most recommended. Microsoft Office includes Access, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Word, Publisher, etc. Microsoft Office has various versions: Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007, etc. You can download these versions from Microsoft’s official website or

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How To Uninstall Microsoft Office Setup?

It is not unusual for the Microsoft Office to just stop working. The easiest way to get rid of this problem is to uninstall the suite. The process to uninstall the Microsoft Office is given below:

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Type Program and Features and click on it from the list of results.

It launches a window that shows the list of installed programs on your PC.

  1. Tap on the Microsoft Office version you have on your computer.
  2. Now you need tap on Uninstall option given at the top of the program list.
  3. Then confirm it by clicking Yes button to automatically uninstall Microsoft Office.

Note: Some of the Microsoft versions also provide you an option to save Microsoft office settings. If you want to completely uninstall the suit, you may please check Remove Office User Settings option.

How to Download Microsoft Office Setup?

If you want Microsoft Office on your computer after you buy it, then directly download it from the Microsoft web store. It is an important process. And the easy steps to download this setup are mentioned below:

  1. You can quickly access the Microsoft web store by a web search
  2. You will be able to see all the kinds of Microsoft products.
  3. Just tap on Shop Products tab.
  4. And select Office from the list displayed. And there you will get to see an Office product page.
  5. A number of varieties will be available for you to choose from. You can then use the bar to find Office products and products for student use, for business use and as well as for Mac computers.
  6. Then select the suitable package, and click on the Microsoft version you have decided to download.
  7. Tap the Buy and Download option.
  8. Tap on Check Out option, when you are done shopping and prepared to purchase. Be ready with the payment information.
  9. Open your Microsoft Account, you will need to sign in to your Microsoft and if you don’t have one, then you will be asked to create a new one.
  10. Give your payment information.
  11. After your payment has processed, you will see a link to download the software.
  12. Now just need to download the installer and file will come to your PC’s download folder.

How to Install Microsoft Office On Windows?

If you have downloaded Microsoft Office setup and you are now struggling with how to install it on your Windows PC, then here are some steps through which you can easily install Microsoft Office on your computer. The process to install is given below; please follow the steps:

  1. Go to your PC’s download location.
  2. Click and open the file of the Microsoft version that you want to install.
  3. Double tap on the file on the Microsoft office setup.
  4. After you go through the license agreements, select the option I Accept the Terms of This Agreement and tap to Continue.
  5. Click on Install Now option.

Note: If you have an old or previous version of Microsoft Office installed on your Pc, this Install Now option will turn into Upgrade option.

  1. Wait for a while until the software is installed.
  2. Once the Installation is finish, tap on Close button.

How to Install Microsoft Office On Mac?

You must look for the ways to install Microsoft Office on your Mac after downloading the setup. Here are the steps for installing Office on Mac:

  1. Double-click the icon of Office Installer.
  2. And tap to continue.
  3. Read the Software License Agreement and click on Continue option.
  4. Accept the terms mentioned in the software license agreement by tapping on Agree option.
  5. Tap on Install option, and then Installation will start.

Note: if you want to change the drive for installing product, you may click on Change Installation option.

  1. If you don’t wish to install Office fonts or dock icons on your Mac, simply tap on Customize option.
  2. Now you need to enter the Mac username and password and press OK button.
  3. As soon as installation is complete you will receive a message, and then click on Close option.

How To Reinstall Microsoft Office Setup?

The activation is essential, without this you cannot use your Microsoft Office. The process to activate your Microsoft Office setup is mentioned below:

  1. Launch the browser and open Microsoft Office website.
  2. Tap on the sign in option.
  3. Tap on the Organizational account link then you will sign in with your work account.
  4. Sign in with your Microsoft user ID and password.
  5. Then Tap on Sign In button.
  6. Enter the 25 character alphanumeric product key.
  7. At last, click on Next.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Office Setup?

Sometimes you have to reinstall Microsoft Office setup and here are the steps for reinstalling the Microsoft Office setup:

  1. Launch the browser and open the Microsoft Office website.
  2. Tap on the sign in option.
  3. Tap on the Organizational account link then you will sign in with your work account.
  4. Sign in with your Microsoft user ID and password.
  5. Then Tap on Sign In button.
  6. Now tap on the gear icon and select the Office settings
  7. Then tap on the Get Started link below Office settings title.
  8. Tap on the PC & Mac option and the software will connect it to Office.
  9. Now you need to tap on Install button, and it will start the installation process.
  10. Then a setup file will download to your download folder or on your desktop.
  11. Launch the setup file for Office that has been downloaded in your download folder or desktop. The program will soon start loading.
  12. Tap on the Next button and begin the reinstallation process.
  13. Then tap on the Accept button to affirm the license agreement.
  14. Now tap on Sign in button to sign in to Office.
  15. Type your Email address that is connected to the Office account then tap on Next button.
  16. Now you need to enter the password of your account and click to sign in with your account.
  17. Now you can start selecting the office background you want to choose and then tap on Next button.
  18. This process may not take more than 10 minutes to finish, wait for Office program to complete installing on your PC.
  19. A good to go message will come up and then tap on “All Done!” button.